Tito Figueroa

Stellar customer service. The tech not only provided timely communication but he worked with me based on my tight schedule. Being a delivery driver for FedEx my time was limited. He offered practical options which worked out great. He got to my place before me and installed a new lock for my mailbox. Beforehand he did mention it could take 3 minutes or worst case scenario the drill bit could break causing it to take a lot longer. Happily everything worked out great and it only took maybe 10 minutes. As he handed me the keys I could tell he was also pleased it all worked out great! Definitely recommend using A1 for your key situations.

Trep Tremper

A person would be hard pressed to find a more experienced group of personnel in this field, they know ALL the mechanical and technical avenues both old and new. A1 locksmiths are very professional and efficient at what they do. I am super satisfied with the work they have done over the years with us. They know how to meet your needs!
Thank you A-1 Locksmiths, You’re the best in the business!!!!

Ryan Balzer

Called 10+ locksmiths to find a key for a vintage Honda motorcycle with no luck. Drove by A-1 and decided to give them a try, these guys had me in and out in under 10 minutes with a perfect key for $13. Stored this number for any future locksmith needs.

Denise Garee

The entire staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, always going above and beyond for their customers.

Michael Crosby

Honest to God real locksmith

Denise Marie & Jay Garee

Great prices and they really know what they’re doing.