Are you a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith?

Yes. ROC# 262872.  Please inquire for certificate of insurance.

Do you work with Commercial Security Integrators?
Yes we do. We specialize in electrified hardware for access control systems. (AMAG, BRIVO, KANTECH, LENEL)
Do you sub your work out to subcontractors?

No. If your project requires additional skill sets, we can make recommendations to other organizations we have a working relationship with.

My lock is broken, can it be repaired or should it be replaced?

Depends on the particular type of lock and application. Our techs will be able to help determine with you what the best solution is.

Do you sell or install burglar alarms or cctv systems?

No we are not a security integrator.  We do work with organizations that provide these services and support the installation and repair of their systems.

Do you install door closers and ADA operators?

Yes.  We install for residential, business and industrial.  We have a variety of options to best suit your environment, aesthetics and functions.

Do you Install/Service Maglocks & Electric Strikes.

Yes. We can install for residential, business and industrial.  Local fire code and jurisdiction may require permitting and you should inquire with your local Fire Marshall.

Do you do door pivot replacements and repair?


My door won’t shut, can you help?

Yes.  Please contact us for assistance.

What is a Maglock?

a.       It is a magnetic bond that is created when an electrical current is passed through a solenoid in the hardware.

b.       Maglocks are specialized applications and require a site visit by one of our technicians or photos to be provided of the door, header and frame.

What is an Electric Strike?

An access control device used for door frames.  It replaced the fixed strike plate and allows a badge reader to override the locking hardware and allows the door be opened with a push/pull.

What is Fail Secure and Fail Safe?

a.        Fail Secure means when the locking hardware loses power the door will remain locked, typically the mechanical lever/knob/crash bar will override the locking mechanism and not require power for egress.

b.       Fair Safe typically is applicable to maglock installations where in the event of power loss the magnetic bond will release and allow free egress.

Can you install locking hardware on my glass doors?

Yes. We have a variety of applications depending on the structure of the door frame and aesthetic goal.

Do you do residential lockout and new home rekeys?

Yes.  Customers who request this service will have to be able to provide proof of residence at residential locations (Bill/mail/etc.)

Are all locks able to be picked?

a.       No, not all locks can be picked.  Some residential and commercial locks are specifically designed to be pick resistant and satisfy high security requirements.

b.       The Schlage high security primus provides flexibility for residential and commercial locations.

Do you perform police evictions?


Do you copy vehicle keys?

Yes and No.  We carry most standard vehicle keys but do not currently copy or clone transponders.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes.  Due to the specialized applications of most of our products we recommend a site walk with a technician who will provide a free quote.

Do you service Automotive Lockouts?

No. We currently do not offer outside service for auto lockouts.

What does it mean to “rekey a lock”?

Rekeying means you keep your current locks but we will change the pins inside them so any copies of your old keys will no longer work.  This will save you time and money.

Can I purchase lock sets that are keyed alike?

Yes. A-1 Locksmith can key lock sets together.

What kind of Payments do you accept?

Cash, Credit Card(all), ACH and Check.